Alaska Internet Marketing, Inc. has been creating award winning websites for Alaskan businesses since 1996. We are a full-service website design, marketing and hosting company specializing in the creative development of corporate and small business web sites. Our website designs incorporate the latest search engine research and site optimization programming to put you in the top of the search engine "found" list. Development of strategic marketing goals and planning consultations are an integral part of our design work on your behalf.
As one of the oldest internet services in Alaska, our years of experience in providing website design,
directory advertising, hosting, marketing, electronic commerce, tech support and consulting can help you achieve your business goals. Alaska Internet Marketing, Inc. can tell you how to best take advantage of the internet as a powerful new medium of communication. Our website design / creation work is done on a quoted basis. However, please see our package deals below which may save you money.


Search Engine Optimizatin

With all the new websites being registered every day with the search engines, most websites are becoming more and more difficult to be found.

The best solution is professional registration of your website, while monitoring site configuration,design, and meta tags for compliance with changing search engine requirements.
We suggest you call our support staff at: (907) 242-7245 to discuss a program which will help you "be found" on the search engines and the Internet.

Registration/Optimizing plans start at $75 per Quarter

We will register the domain name of your choice
example: " "
with the appropriate internet registrar for $29.99 per year
when you register for 5 years or more. For less than 5 years,
the registration cost is $34.99 per year.

The Outdoor
Adventure Network



is a proprietary marketing consortium of interconnected outdoor oriented directories and cybermalls created and developed by Alaska Internet Marketing, Inc. to further the interests of it's clients.


REGIONAL DIRECTORIES: Like real estate, the key to the internet is location, location, location. Location in cyberspace translates to a high traffic domain name. We offer three different high visibility directories or cybermalls for Alaskan businesses with great internet locations.

Target Market
For Shopping (retail services/products)
For Fishing, Hunting & Outdoors Enthusiasts/Businesses
For Tourists / Travel in Alaska

We highly recommend putting your website into one ( 1 ) or more of these "directories/cybermalls" as they are intensively marketed by ourselves and highly ranked by search engines and other directories.

Our flagship outdoor directory is and consistently ranks in the top 10 sites for almost anything to do with fishing and hunting in Alaska. Our flagship Alaskan shopping directory is A listing and link in either directory is a quick way to be able to be found on the internet. Please review our listing options below:

Standard Listings: Our basic rates for an advertising listing (+35 word description) and link to your website in any one ( 1 ) of the above directories is:

-----UNDER 1 CATEGORY (example - "Sport Fishing")- $150 per year.
-----UNDER 2 or more CATEGORIES (eg."Sport Fishing" AND "Adventure Lodges")- additional $75.00 each per year per added category.

Enhanced Listings: Bold listings or Gold Starred listings or addition of small graphic to your listing - $75.00/each per year.

Sponsor Listings: Featured Business Listing ($435.00 per year) - Your business name with a description of your services is displayed in the"Sponsor Listings" area within your region of the state. These listings are in BOLD and starred plus listed in the priority received. First in time, first in right. Your listing is displayed BEFORE any standard listings thereby increasing your visibility. A link from the listing to your existing web site is of course also created.

For Discount and Multiple Listing Rates, please see .


Banner Ad rates (standard sizes-minimum 3 month buy) are as follows:

Main Directory Pages
AlaskaOutdoors - $225 per MONTH
AlaskaMall & AlaskaVacationsDirectory - $175 per MONTH

Main Category Pages under AlaskaOutdoors: - $150 per MONTH - $150 per MONTH
Alaska-Hunting-Fishing - - $99 per MONTH - $99 per MONTH

ALL OTHER Main Category Pages under, AlaskaVacationsDirectory and - $49.50 per MONTH

Note: Client must supply the graphic or have a logo on their site readily able to be copied by our webmaster if buy is for less than a year. For a year buy we will do custom banner graphic. Call for a quote on larger or special banner ads.


We have teamed with one of the largest server companies in the world to offer you the most reliable web hosting service available. Our servers are fast, secure and dependable, and frankly, that about says it all.

ALL Accounts Include: Super fast multiple T-3 access, Unlimited FTP accounts, No bandwidth usage charges, Triple data backup, CGI scripts/bin, Online billing, Redundant backup power and more.

We support: SSL Encryption, E-Commerce Applications, Front Page extensions, Java, flash, perl, C+, MySQL and mSQL plus more ... In addition to the below monthly rates, there is a one-time hosting setup charge of $75.

40 MB Webspace
10 Email Accounts

80 MB Webspace
15 Email Accounts

100 MB Webspace
25 Email Accounts


We will:

- Register the domain name of your choice (example:
- Design and create your businesses website of up to 5 pages.
-Optimize your website to make it search engine friendly.

- Host your site on our server (Small Business Plan ) for 1 year
- Register your website with over 400 search engines.
- Advertise your site with a link and 35 word description in any one of our directories.

Price $ 2500.00
We will:

- Redesign your existing website of up to 4 pages.
- Optimize your meta tags and page layout to be "Search Engine Friendly".
- Reregister your website with all the major search engines (excluding fee based directories/engines).
- Put a hit counter on your website.
- Advertise your website (link + description) in one of our directories for 1 year.
- Guarantee - you will get substantially more hits after "The Makeover".

Price $ 1500.00
* We do accept Visa and MasterCard for your convenience.
For larger package deals please contact one of our support staff at: (907) 242-7245

Alaska Internet Marketing, Inc. can build, and promote with target advertising, a World Wide Web presencefor you and your business today!
Call today and join the thousands of Alaskan's doing business on the internet.


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